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Posted by admin on July 15, 2017 at 6:57 am. Filed under: Taxi from Heathrow Airport

It has become a big problem that passengers or people that book taxi transfers for others do not read the information about the car type’s. The amount of passengers and there luggage being one of the issues. The other main issue is correct information when they are making there booking.

  1. Bag size are on the website under car types + luggage.
  2. When booking for an airport pick up the site asks for flight arrival date and time.

Passengers would help themselves get the best out of the service if they checked out the information on the car type’s first. After all why would you book an MPV8 when you only have 6 passengers. The MPV7 has 7 passenger seats and the same luggage space as the MPV8 but is cheaper.

But by far the biggest problem is with bag sizes. When an estate car gets booked we state the amount of large bags and the amount of carry on bags, however passengers then assume that large is the biggest bag you can buy. No No No that is not the case this is why we have the car type + luggage page for people to find out the information.

Date and Time issue’s

When you book to be collected from an airport it is important to give flight arrival date and time information as we schedule the cars the day beforehand. If you have added time e.g. guesstimated when you think you will be out this causes problems. A driver may have a pick up from an address going to the airport we give him a pick up at the airport which should work out for him to get there and meet the passengers. However if the flight time has been given incorrectly +1 hour or so and then lands 30 early he will not be in the airport.

Which leads on to the next problem that passengers do not give the mobile number that is going to be turned on. Think about it communication and correct information make it all easy.



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