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Keeping Your Cool Through Transit

Posted by admin on February 2, 2012 at 11:38 am. Filed under: Transfers From Gatwick


Getting from Gatwick to Heathrow isn’t a worry with our great car service, but there are plenty of other snags and frustrations that commonly befall the average flyer. So, whether you’re getting a taxi from Gatwick airport at the end of an odyssey, or a taxi to Gatwick airport for that second honeymoon, here are a few industry recommended calming bag and possession safety tips for everyone.

•    Make sure your bags are big enough and easy to access. This can be an issue with carry-on luggage particularly. It’s always better to leave a few things at home than watch your carry-on bag explode while you delve for a boiled sweet!

•    Speaking of sweets; food and drinks are mostly prohibited unless sealed. It holds everyone up at security checkpoints when that pack of mints is spotted in your carry-on, so just leave food and drinks at home for convenience’ sake. You don’t want to miss your London airport taxi because of a silly mistake!

•    Labels are the only way your bag can be reunited with you if lost. It might not be the most stylish statement, but make sure ALL baggage is labelled clearly and using a well-attached label.

•    Airports can be quite hot, so it’s hardly surprising coats and sweaters rank high on the list of most commonly left-behind items. If you’ve got a badly-closed bag with contents spilling out, five sweaters and a coat, it makes your life harder!

•    The fewer items you have, the easier life is in terms of organising and keeping tabs on property.


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