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Book a Cab Online

Posted by admin on May 12, 2014 at 4:09 pm. Filed under: Gatwick to Heathrow,Transfers From Gatwick

Book a cab online and save the disappointment of not getting a cab when you get off the plain this summer. It must be so frustrating arriving at a UK airport late at night only to find the are no trains, Buses or even any taxis available. So when you Book a cab online you will save yourself  all of the disappointment at the airport.

What is the cost when you Book a cab online?

Here on the airport cars UK website when you book a cab online you will get an instant quote before you continue with your booking. When you book a cab online with us to or from Gatwick you will find us one of the most competitive. Also there are no hidden charges what you see on the journey results page is what you PAY.

What happens when you Book a cab online with Airport Cars UK?

When you have finished to book a cab online you will receive an email confirmation you should check that the information is correct. If all is correct then you should expect to see your driver at the time that you have booked your pick up if it is from an address to the airport. If it is from the airport you should have given us your flight arrival information We will check the arrival time and send the driver in to the airport around 30-40 minuets after you land or sooner if you have no Bags to collect.

Book a Cab online same day

Advanced bookings are best when you book a cab online but you can on some occasions book online the same day so it is worth the try if you have a few hours notice.


Stress Free Airport Transfers

Posted by admin on March 28, 2012 at 3:56 pm. Filed under: Transfers From Gatwick

Although flying is by far the most efficient way of travelling long distances, it is not always the most stress-free option: waiting around in long queues, dealing with delays, feeling guilty for no reason at customs and tapping your passport pocket every two minutes – and that is before you even get on the plane! Once onboard; crying babies, noisy eaters, fidgeting partners and talkative strangers can all conspire to make your journey anything but enjoyable.

With all this in mind, it is naturally very important to try and make sure your transfers to and from the airport are as stress-free as possible. After all, waiting around for trains, tubes and buses which will more than likely be delayed and jam-packed might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Happily, we here at Airport Cars UK can provide you with a specialist airport taxi service that is guaranteed to get you to your destination in a manner which is totally and completely stress-free. Our smooth London airport transfers will lighten the load of your luggage and allow you to not only rest yourselves after running the gauntlet at baggage reclaim but also forget all about the hassle and stress of using public transport.

Our Heathrow and Gatwick transfers can make getting to and from two of Europe’s busiest airports totally stress-free. So, next time you need picking up from Heathrow or require a taxi to Gatwick Airport, be sure to book your journey with us.


Keeping Your Cool Through Transit

Posted by admin on February 2, 2012 at 11:38 am. Filed under: Transfers From Gatwick


Getting from Gatwick to Heathrow isn’t a worry with our great car service, but there are plenty of other snags and frustrations that commonly befall the average flyer. So, whether you’re getting a taxi from Gatwick airport at the end of an odyssey, or a taxi to Gatwick airport for that second honeymoon, here are a few industry recommended calming bag and possession safety tips for everyone.

•    Make sure your bags are big enough and easy to access. This can be an issue with carry-on luggage particularly. It’s always better to leave a few things at home than watch your carry-on bag explode while you delve for a boiled sweet!

•    Speaking of sweets; food and drinks are mostly prohibited unless sealed. It holds everyone up at security checkpoints when that pack of mints is spotted in your carry-on, so just leave food and drinks at home for convenience’ sake. You don’t want to miss your London airport taxi because of a silly mistake!

•    Labels are the only way your bag can be reunited with you if lost. It might not be the most stylish statement, but make sure ALL baggage is labelled clearly and using a well-attached label.

•    Airports can be quite hot, so it’s hardly surprising coats and sweaters rank high on the list of most commonly left-behind items. If you’ve got a badly-closed bag with contents spilling out, five sweaters and a coat, it makes your life harder!

•    The fewer items you have, the easier life is in terms of organising and keeping tabs on property.


Simplifying Transfers From Gatwick

Posted by admin on January 15, 2012 at 3:43 pm. Filed under: Transfers From Gatwick

Whether you are transferring from your airport to a hotel or from a home to the airport, finding the right transportation that can navigate through London at whatever time of day can be tricky. At Airport Cars UK we think we have the answer. We only employ the most skilful and safe drivers to make sure that you are dutifully delivered to your destination. Our vehicles are varied and comfortable and can pick you up early in the morning and handle your luggage when you might not have the strength to. Whether its a taxi from Gatwick airport you need or a taxi to Gatwick airport we can provide you with a smooth operation.

London airport transfers allow you to get across London between airports by simply stepping off the plane, into a taxi, and onto the next plane. If only it were that simple in practice! What we can assure you of is that Airport Cars UK will provide you with the best service possible so that you can meet us when you get off the plane at an agree pick-up point before we whisk you across the city to the next airport. Obviously, you should budget for any potential traffic issues and the amount of time you have to be at the airport before your next flight. Otherwise, booking with us is a very simple process.

By using our online calculator you can work out exactly how much your transfer is going to cost you. We offer very cost effective rates that can really help to make sure that your transfer at least, is hassle free.