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Best way to meet your taxi driver

Posted by admin on October 23, 2017 at 7:08 pm. Filed under: Airport Transfers,Taxi from Heathrow Airport,What to do

The best way to meet your Airport taxi driver

Part of the service when you book with us for Just Airports

The question that we get many times is “how do I find my airport taxi driver?”, this information is sent to you via email at the point of booking your airport taxi transfer. But as many customers do not choose to look at all of the information when it arrives we thought it best to write about the airport taxi driver and what he does before he meets you in the airport.

Stage 1. The airport taxi booking.

The customer enters their information and makes the booking online at www.airportcars-uk.com. Once made the information is held in a date and time format and not looked at until we are due to dispatch it to the airport taxi driver. So if your information has been given incorrectly by you, we will not be aware. Common mistakes are; wrong dates, times and flight information which are not seen until a few hours before.

Stage 2. The airport taxi transfer has been sent to a driver.

When we send out the bookings to the taxi drivers they many receive information about more than 5 journeys in an row. We will have worked out the times and distances using the information given by the person that made the booking. This is why correct information about your airport taxi is important.

Stage 3. The driver checks the flight given for the airport taxi pickup.

Based on the information given, the taxi driver will then check the flight landing time, after the flight has landed most drivers will send a text/sms to the number given.

Stage 4. The airport taxi driver will go in to the airport.

At around 30 minutes after landing the taxi driver will park and go in to the arrivals hall where he will wait with the name given on a sign board.



Why an MPV had to be used

Posted by admin on December 10, 2015 at 7:49 am. Filed under: Airport Transfers,Heathrow Airport Transfer,Top Tips

What happens when passengers don’t read the luggage information provided.

As an airport transfer provider we have to make your journey as best we can. To do this we expect that passengers give all of the correct information and read the what happens next information sent with the confirmation.

So this picture shows the luggage that the passenger had and expected to fit in an estate car. He was not happy when he had to pay extra for an MPV 5.


We give size’s for luggage, This passenger did not inform us of the extra luggage and was lucky that we did not charge a whole new fare but just for the upgrade.

Car size are found here.


Choosing Your Airport Transfers

Posted by Airport Cars on October 18, 2014 at 6:52 am. Filed under: Airport Transfers,Top Tips,What to do

There are many ways to get to and from any airport. So what is the best way to choose which route to go?

Well, firstly, you need to decide which mode of transport is going to be best. Unless you happen to be travelling alone and travelling light, public transport is unlikely to be the easiest or most cost-effective way meaning that, for most of us, travelling by car is going to be the best way.

Business people discussing airport transfersEven once you have decided which mode of transport to use, you still need to decide which company to go with. For those looking to use an airport taxi, it is usually best to make sure that you choose a company who specialises in such journeys. Not only will choosing a dedicated company leave you sure that you are going to get to the right terminal without any stress but you may also find that dedicated airport transfer companies can wind up being cheaper too. However, just choosing a taxi firm that advertises airport runs is one thing – choosing an airport taxi company that specialises in specific airports is another one altogether.

By choosing airport transfers from a company who specialise in those specific trips, you will find that you have a driver who knows the very best routes at any time of day, ensuring you have the best chance of getting to the airport on time no matter what the traffic is like. Likewise, the cars themselves will be very much equipped to cater for those with all manner of different types of luggage.

The easiest way to choose your airport transfers is to get a quote, check their reviews and simply make sure that they have a great deal of knowledge and experience going to the exact airport you are headed to.


The Early Bird Gets The Worm: The Benefits of Booking Early

Posted by Airport Cars on October 7, 2014 at 6:27 am. Filed under: Airport Transfers,Top Tips

Airport TaxiWhen it comes to travel, everyone knows that booking early is key to getting the best deal. From hotels to flights, wise travellers book well in advance to reap the rewards of booking early.

Leaving it until the last minute

When hotels and scheduled flights approach capacity, prices begin to climb as demand increases – especially during peak seasons like the summer holidays and Christmas. As seats are taken up and demand runs high, airlines and hotels stop releasing discounted rates – moving up to their full fares.

With holidays and travel options being booked up to a year in advance, leaving your travel plans to the last minute could leave you facing a hefty fee or even unable to travel due to lack of availability.

The benefits of booking early

With such great travel savings to be made, why stop at your flights and accommodation? Booking early gives you peace of mind, allowing you to know that everything is taken care of and all you have to do is relax and enjoy the journey.

In fact, the benefits of booking early don’t just stop at hotels and airfares. Did you know you could save by booking your airport transfers early? Whether you’re travelling to or from the airport, or making a connection – time is of the essence. By booking a taxi last minute, you’re risking problems like availability and traffic resulting in delays. Unlike many taxi companies, Airport Cars UK offer a discount on advanced bookings, giving you even more reason to get your travel planned early.

Get a taxi quote on your airport transfers

Book your airport taxi transfers early and save up to 20%

Don’t leave it to chance – book a cab in advance! At Airport Cars UK, we think you should be rewarded for your organisation. That’s why we’re offering discounts of up to 20% on advanced airport taxi bookings. Simply use our journey calculator for an instant quote or give us a call on +44 (0) 330 088 2222.


We offer airport taxi transfers around the UK – so whether you need to get from Gatwick to Heathrow in a hurry or make it to the airport to start your journey, Airport Cars UK are the taxi company to call!


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