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Read the information provided

Posted by admin on July 15, 2017 at 6:57 am. Filed under: Taxi from Heathrow Airport

It has become a big problem that passengers or people that book taxi transfers for others do not read the information about the car type’s. The amount of passengers and there luggage being one of the issues. The other main issue is correct information when they are making there booking.

  1. Bag size are on the website under car types + luggage.
  2. When booking for an airport pick up the site asks for flight arrival date and time.

Passengers would help themselves get the best out of the service if they checked out the information on the car type’s first. After all why would you book an MPV8 when you only have 6 passengers. The MPV7 has 7 passenger seats and the same luggage space as the MPV8 but is cheaper.

But by far the biggest problem is with bag sizes. When an estate car gets booked we state the amount of large bags and the amount of carry on bags, however passengers then assume that large is the biggest bag you can buy. No No No that is not the case this is why we have the car type + luggage page for people to find out the information.

Date and Time issue’s

When you book to be collected from an airport it is important to give flight arrival date and time information as we schedule the cars the day beforehand. If you have added time e.g. guesstimated when you think you will be out this causes problems. A driver may have a pick up from an address going to the airport we give him a pick up at the airport which should work out for him to get there and meet the passengers. However if the flight time has been given incorrectly +1 hour or so and then lands 30 early he will not be in the airport.

Which leads on to the next problem that passengers do not give the mobile number that is going to be turned on. Think about it communication and correct information make it all easy.




Why an MPV had to be used

Posted by admin on December 10, 2015 at 7:49 am. Filed under: Airport Transfers,Heathrow Airport Transfer,Top Tips

What happens when passengers don’t read the luggage information provided.

As an airport transfer provider we have to make your journey as best we can. To do this we expect that passengers give all of the correct information and read the what happens next information sent with the confirmation.

So this picture shows the luggage that the passenger had and expected to fit in an estate car. He was not happy when he had to pay extra for an MPV 5.


We give size’s for luggage, This passenger did not inform us of the extra luggage and was lucky that we did not charge a whole new fare but just for the upgrade.

Car size are found here.



What happen after booking

Posted by admin on August 15, 2015 at 1:21 pm. Filed under: Top Tips


Please take a few moments to check through your booking and make sure all details are correct ie: pick up date, time, location etc. It is the responsibility of the person who made the booking to check that all details entered are correct.


VERY IMPORTANT: On your booking we expect the correct scheduled landing date, time and flight number. MOST BOOKINGS THAT HAVE ISSUES start with incorrect information supplied to us.

Your driver will monitor your flight and will go into the Arrivals Hall 30 minutes after your flight has landed. Your driver will wait there for you with the Lead Passengers name on a name board and will wait for up to 45 minutes. This does not apply if you selected “Pick up at set time” from an Airport, Seaport or railway station.

No bags checked in? That is ok. Your driver will monitor your flight and go into the Arrivals Hall 15 minutes after your flight has landed. Your driver will wait there for you with the Lead Passengers name on a name board and will wait for up to 45 minutes. This does not apply if you selected “Pick up at set time” from an Airport, Seaport or railway station.


It is important that you have entered the full and correct pick up address on your booking.

The driver will not pick up from an address that is not on the booking, unless authorized by the office. If the additional/different pick up is not on the original booking, there will be an additional charge.


Please make sure you have booked the correct vehicle that will accommodate all the passengers and luggage. If you have booked the wrong size vehicle and/or have more luggage than was stated in your booking and a larger vehicle has to be sent out, this will be charged to you as a new fare and your original booking will not be refunded.


The only times that there will be extra charges is if there are additional pick ups/drop offs that were not included on the booking when the booking was made online, or if you take longer than our Meet & Greet time, or if you keep the driver waiting longer than 10 minutes past your pick up time if being picked up at an address.


We do not supply car/booster seats as standard. Please see here for the UK law regarding taxis/private hire vehicles and child seats.

Can’t find your driver:

Please call our office on +44(0)330 088 2222, Monday to Sunday. If you cannot reach anyone at this number please call the Emergency Out of Hours number printed at the bottom of your booking confirmation. Please Note: NO bookings will be taken on the Emergency number

Need to make changes/add information/cancel your booking:

Please reply to your booking confirmation with any changes etc. We will not be able to execute changes/cancellations unless it is done so via email.



The great Christmas getaway: Five million expected to fly from Heathrow

Posted by Airport Cars on December 21, 2014 at 9:14 am. Filed under: Airport News

The great Christmas getaway has begun with some 116,700 passengers expected to take off from Heathrow in one day.

As children finish the last day of term and adults put on their out of office message at work, more than 698,000 people will travel to join their families across the globe over the next seven days.

From December 19 through to Christmas Day more than five million people will make their journey from UK airports and to mark the occasion Heathrow have created an video to show the movement including a special journey from the North Pole as Santa and his reindeer deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

Normand Boivin, Chief Operating Officer at Heathrow said, “Heathrow is proud to help take passengers further on their journey around the world for the festive season. This is such a busy and exciting time at the airport and the visualisation captures the service we provide for the world.”


Festive cheer has been spreading at Heathrow’s terminals since the beginning of the month with T2 celebrating its first Christmas with a 2D interactive vinyl Christmas Tree which lights up when passengers tweet using #T2Christmas.

Merriment will continue during the mass getaway week with plenty of festive treats in store from airside passenger ambassdors handing out chocolates to children to arts and crafts activities across the terminals where staff will help passengers make everything from gift tags to Christmas cards.

Children will also have the chance to meet some of their favourite winter characters including Pingu and The Snowman as well as the much-loved Peppa Pig, plus Santa and his elves will be making fly-by visits to the terminals to give out sweets.

Carol singers from The Christmas Carol Company will raise the roof with performances across departures and arrivals.

And on December 25, just over 100,000 passengers are due to travel through the airport of which 16,677 will be in the air just before the Queen addresses the nation.

This year, Heathrow will also make sure festive flyers don’t miss out on the traditional lunch and will be treated to special turkey, sage and onion stuffing and Christmas pudding boiled sweets – Boarding Bon Bons – at 30,000ft.

Is Heathrow's departure lounge your next destination?
Is Heathrow’s departure lounge your next destination?


The sweets will also be handed out to passengers flying across all five terminals on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

Mr Boivin added: “We wanted to bring to life the warm and exciting feeling everyone gets on December 25th and what better way to make sure flyers don’t miss out on the most exciting moment of the day than by recreating the quintessential Christmas dinner.

We tried a number of different flavour combinations, including cranberry sauce, mince pies and honey glazed carrots, but found that turkey, sage and onion stuffing and Christmas pudding really evoked the taste and sentiment of Christmas.”

For passengers who enjoy a spot of shopping or need a last minute gift, shops will be open throughout the festive period.

This month, new to Terminal 5 are designer Louis Vitton opening their first European airport store and iconic British retailer Fortnum & Mason’s first airport shop which carries hampers, teas and jams as well a savoury counter selling smoked salmon and caviar.



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